Geolocation is a perfect solution for mobile machines e.g. rental machines. You will be always aware of your assets location.

About Geolocation

Q : What is Geolocation Feature?

A : Geolocation allows the use of variables to define the machine’s location, and based on the information from those variables, the machine will be positioned or moved on the map. The machine’s Track page will also have the location field updated.

Q : How does Geolocation work?

A : Geolocation requires the Latitude and Longitude data of a machine. By sending these data to Machine Advisor, Geolocation will be able to make use of it and then display the machine’s current location on the map. Additionally, based on the coordinates, Machine Advisor will generate an Address, Street, City, and Country with as much detail as possible.

Q : What type of sensors is required for Geolocation?

A : Any sensors that can provide Latitude and Longitude data can be used i.e. GPS.

Geolocation on Machine Advisor

Q : How to get started using Geolocation on Machine Advisor?

A : Make sure that the machine is capable of providing Latitude and Longitude data to Machine Advisor.

Activate the Automatic Geolocation feature in the config page.

Select the corresponding Latitude and Longitude variables of the machine.

Once the variables have been set, the last known position of the machine, including its position on the map can be seen on the Fleet Overview page.

Additionally, a widget is available to display the map and machine’s location on the dashboard. To use, go to manage dashboard, add widget, and you will find the “Geolocation Map” widget available. Simply drag and drop to use.

If the machine’s last known position is located in a remote location. The Machine’s Location will become “Offroad Machines”.

If Auto Geolocation feature is deactivated, the Machine’s location will always fall back to its “Offline Address”. This Address can be defined during machine registration or edit afterwards.